Leif Arne Petersen


Leif Petersen is Founder and CEO of HOLOGATE, a global media company and market leader in turnkey extended reality (XR) systems for entertainment and enterprise. With 20+ years of experience in all facets of immersive media production, technology and entrepreneurship, Petersen has successfully delivered hundreds of projects, games and training simulations to clients around the world. At HOLOGATE, he manages the world’s largest location-based immersive entertainment network that currently connects more than 400 VR systems in 38 countries, captivating more than 15 million players. From high-end racing and flight simulators, to ultimate VR experiences with IPs like Ghostbusters and Angry Birds, to virtual training for the German Army and law enforcement – Petersen’s company has created worldwide public access, awareness, and a gateway for millions to the metaverse.