Hans Elstner

CEO & Founder, Rooom

The digital innovator in Hans was brought to life when he received his first PC. Instead of just playing computer games like his classmates, he started programming games himself & learned to love the limitless possibilities of the digital universe. At the age of 15, Hans began to support various companies with IT solutions. He decided to deepen his knowledge in industrial engineering, e-commerce & programming & studied Internet Business Engineering.
In 2005, Hans founded an agency for digital transformation to support companies on digitalization issues. His clients included Subway, Hewlett-Packard & BOSCH.
Hans dreamed that 3D technologies would one day be available to everyone & accessible everywhere, at any time. The idea grew to create something completely new – an easy-to-use 3D platform. It was the enthusiastic & freshly presented pitches with which the founder quickly led rooom to a high level of popularity.
Now in 2022, Hans Elstner is CEO of 130+ employees & is himself on the road as a start-up mentor & speaker.