Anna Franziska Michel

CEO & Co-Founder,

Anna Franziska Michel is a tech ambassador and founder. She is known for being one of the
prominent voices advocating technology in the fashion industry; connecting digitalization with
sustainability and better work life balance, and enabling the retail industry to enter the metaverse
and thus uncover for them all the opportunities that this new environment offers.

Anna was selected as one of the top female Business Influencers in Technology by Strive Magazine and she was awarded with the Digital Female Leader Award in the Innovation category Anna also was awarded GOLD at the Females in IT Award (the award goes to nominees who have founded a successful start-up company in the last five years). 2nd place in „The Female Founder Startup Challenge“ launched by AUDI AG and Encourage Ventures e.V & 1st „Top 3D Design Firm“ AWARD at The European Metaverse Awards! She started as a fashion designer and through learning to code she came to deep technology and using neural networks for the design field.

Her goal as founder of is to revolutionize the fashion industry with technology curated 3d design creation & avoiding throwaway products or overproduction – by using artificial intelligence. is positioned as the only supplier with the capacity and technology to realistically dress at the same time: the characters of games like Fornite, the users of the metaverses and the billions of people on the planet on their behalf Avatar. Contemporaneously create virtual fashion collections twins to be used for final consumers at the metaverses & videogames – and by fashion companies as a shorter, more profitable & planet friendly value chain production innovation through AI.

As one of the few startups, was among the 1% applicants in which Techstars Accelerator invested. Anna believes that you can’t just optimize processes with technology, you also need to change the mindset.

In 2022 she launched Yoonaverse conference & metaverse – whose mission is to raise sustainability awareness, build a community of tech, fashion & circularity knowledge cooperation, inspire new generations, and contribute to the apparel industry with technology & innovation. The YOONAVERSE legacy and differentiating value is to be building the Berlin Metaverse: The Metaverse Fashion Mecca – the “Must” virtual meeting place for the global fashion industry.