RECAP 2022

EUROPA-PARK, RUST (1 – 2 DEC 2022)


Tibor Mérey (BCG Gamma) explained how the Metaverse will turn business strategies on their head. And he expects the products and services alone to reach a market volume of $400 billion by 2025. Gaga? In that context, he mentions the purchase of game developer Activision for nearly $70 billion. „A purchase of talent“, says Mérey.

Dirk Lueth from the metaverse platform Upland in Silicon Valley shows how an image of the world can be created in the metaverse. There, gaming, social interactions and an NFT marketplace are combined. 

Athena Demos of Big Rock Creative (BRC) shows how stories are told in the Metaverse environment, nonlinearly and in three-dimensional space. She has turned the Burningman Festival into a virtual experience.


Tibor Mérey (Boston Consulting Group)
Discussion "Metaverse Entertainment" / focus: Tim Walther (VW Group)

It’s not like only a few people have VR experience. David Lämmel from Europa-Park referred to the 40 million people who have ridden roller coasters with VR glasses since 2015 – which are internationally equipped with technology made at Europa-Park.

A discussion arose around the question: What motivates users to go to the Metaverse. Stefan W. from Epic Games emphasized the power of gamification. Holoride founder Nils J. Wollny spoke of „tokenization“ – meaning rewards. Tim Walther from Volkswagen was that too reduced, he emphasized the importance of the ecosystem – so many factors that need to be developed. And then the Metaverse quickly becomes a big deal – We join.


The Metaverse will massively change our digital future. According to Cathy Hackl, visionary and „Godmother of the Metaverse,“ the internet will rapidly evolve „from a world of sharing and likes to a web where creating is paramount.“

The way we live, work, interact and be entertained in the future will be shaped by the Metaverse. Especially in the entertainment sector, the Metaverse has already established itself as an integral part of the industry. We were able to experience this first-hand at the Summit with spectacular VR Experiences in Europa-Park and with the exhibitors themselves.

The opportunities offered by the Metaverse company are already being seized by many. The main thing here is to be open to new ideas and to think about the Metaverse in terms of solutions to current problems. The fashion industry is already showing us how digital innovations can be used to revolutionize the fashion world and, for example, to rethink the topic of sustainability<z

Cathy Hackl (Journey)
myeggO Generator - 3D full body scanner

As we continue to develop the digital world, we must not ignore ethical and social issues. Topics like diversity, participation, equality and digital responsibility need to be discussed now to avoid mistakes from the past.

We are very proud to have created a platform with the Metaverse Summit, where about 300 visitors and more than 40 speakers discussed a new era of the internet and participants could discover how to use the Metaverse as an opportunity for themselves.


The Europa-Park Resort once again served as the meeting place for innovative entrepreneurs, experts and visionaries from all over the world. On 1st December 2022, the best products for immersive tech and entertainment developments in VR, AR, XR and MR were honoured at the fifth AUREA Awards. The award ceremony took place as part of the industry conference NTR – The Metaverse Summit, in cooperation with the Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft (BVDW) e.V. and MACK NeXT, which saw the international participants meeting in Rust from 1st to 2nd December.

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NTR - The Metaverse Summit feat. Aurea Award